Color Restoration Sample Universal Studio Tigers at the Zoo


Film transfer, 8mm film transfer service, old home movies, home made movies, film to DVD


 Frame by frame silent film transfer superior to "real time" transfer offered by some other establishments,

at comparable prices. Safe film capture with no metal sprockets to damage film. Flicker free for perfect 

8mm film transfer to DVD. Outstanding clarity and depth of image (3 chip digital film capture).

Grain removal from the old film to improve quality and sharpness of transfer.

Image enhancement when necessary to bring old faded film to life. Basic editing to

remove bad footage at no additional cost.


Professional video transfer services to DVD, international conversion,


PAL SECAM NTSC, foreign conversion, video to DVD


Transfer is done digitally for all types of tapes with video and audio filtering & synchronization

for perfect output. Full frame reconstruction is performed on all tape transfers

to restore quality of video conversion. Digital video conversion is superior to analog

 video transfers at affordable prices. We may repair broken VHS tapes before transfer is done. Variable fees apply.

We process the following types of tapes for video transfer to DVD and PAL SECAM NTSC conversions:

VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS-C, Video 8, HI8, Digital 8, Mini DV.